Dec 9, 2013

Weekend of Christmas Fun!

Road trip view
Hello loves,
This past weekend a friend of mine invited a bunch of us over for a Christmassy girls' night. It involved wine, amazing baked brie, and candy for dinner...and breakfast. Just the candy not the alcohol. It was so much fun, we made a gingerbread house, which was a first for me but I can definitely say that it won't be the last. We also made some gingerbread cowboys and cowgirls...I know...amazing. This weekend seriously put me in the Christmas mood and I am now super excited for the holidays!
Things got a little...naughty ;) haha
mine is bottom right! 
How amazing did our house turn out? I myself am really proud of it. 
photo (5)
And this is a little Christmas touch in my room :) We have a bigger tree but I just loved this little guy too much not to use it! 

Hope you have a fabulous day! 
Have you ever built a gingerbread house? love it, or just not that into it?

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  1. What an adorable little tree and those gingerbread houses just look so much fun!


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